Delicious allergy friendly snacks and baking ingredients

The Nonuttin’ delicious allergy friendly products you’ve come to know and love are now located at our new company, Libre Naturals.

So head to now to learn more about food allergies and Celiac Disease plus purchase Nonuttin’, Libre Naturals and Dlish Eatz brand products.

nut free and dairy free granola bars safe for your children - here showing an apple cinnamon sample


These granola bars are the best! For years, my food-allergic son has looked on while his friends, cousins and brother ate breakfast bars or snack bars that contained either milk, wheat, egg, peanuts or tree nuts. What a delight for us to find a delicious bar that the whole family can share without all of these major allergens.

From now on, boxes of these will come with us on every vacation. And how convenient to have a box of these in the car for all of the kids, and for me! These would be great for school parties as well. Delicious, individually packaged, and safe!” Gina Clowes, Cranberry Twp., PA